UST Short – Sink 7 / Sink 8

Double-Density Scandi Head

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The Ultimate Scandi Taper Shorts were created to allow anglers to fish anywhere in the water column. The seamless-density UST Short Sink 7/Sink 8 sinking Scandi head is optimal for the deepest pools, low water temperatures, or in high water with strong currents where the fly needs to get down deep and fast.

  • A shorter, more powerful version of our Ultimate Scandi Taper textured shooting heads
  • Built specifically for migratory fish such as salmon, sea trout, and steelhead
  • Designed and developed for the Scandi style of Spey casting
  • Advanced tapers and densities help load your rod, so you can cast with minimal effort and fish your fly at the correct depth and speed
  • UST Shorts easily form tight loops and provide a strong delivery, yet allow for excellent control and gentle presentations when needed
  • The textured surface cuts through the tension of the water, allowing for easier pickups from all points of the water column




Cold Water Type

Medium Water Type



7-8 WT460gr / 29,8g32.5’ / 9,9m
8-9 WT525gr / 34,0g33.8’ / 10,3m
9-10 WT590gr / 38,2g35.0’ / 10,7m
10-11 WT650gr / 42,1g36.4’ / 11,1m