UST Short – 750 & 850 Grain

Seamless Density Technology

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When you need to scrape the bottom of the barrel (or fish right at the bottom of the river), the single-density UST Short 750 and 850 grain sinking Scandi heads are exactly what you need. As dense and as heavy as we can make them, which helps them get down even deeper. The taper design enables these lines to fish deeper than other grain-rated lines on the market.

  • A shorter, more powerful version of our Ultimate Scandi Taper textured shooting heads
  • Built specifically for migratory fish such as salmon, sea trout, and steelhead
  • Designed and developed for the Scandi style of Spey casting
  • Advanced tapers and densities help load your rod, so you can cast with minimal effort and fish your fly at the correct depth and speed
  • UST Shorts easily form tight loops and provide a strong delivery, yet allow for excellent control and gentle presentations when needed
  • The textured surface cuts through the tension of the water, allowing for easier pickups from all points of the water column




Cold Water Type

Medium Water Type



10-11 WT750gr / 48,6g36.4’ / 11,1m
11-12 WT850gr / 55,1g36.7’ / 11,2m