Spey Lite Integrated Scandi

Integrated Light Scandi Line

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Introducing our Spey Lite collection, and the Integrated Scandi Spey line. Designed for light double-handed duty and with a relatively long front taper for more delicate deliveries, the Scandi Lite is ideal for smaller streams and trout Spey applications. Available in grain weights from 150-420, this two-colored line features a textured, black marker at the end of the head that serves as a visible, and audible, notification on where to begin your cast. From riffling dries for spring steelhead to swinging streamers for trout, the Scandi Lite is Spey on a smaller scale.

  • Longer head for more delicate deliveries
  • Ideally suited for light two-handed rods
  • Lines can be used with single-handed rods as well
  • SA SCANDI LITE XXX GR F (X = line weight)



Scandi Lite Integrate


Cold Water Type

Medium Water Type


Poppers / Big Dries


150 GRAIN20’ / 6,1m100’ / 30,5m150gr / 9,8g
180 GRAIN20’ / 6,1m100’ / 30,5m180gr / 11,7g
210 GRAIN21’ / 6,4m100’ / 30,5m210gr / 13,6g
240 GRAIN22’ / 6,7m100’ / 30,5m240gr / 15,6g
270 GRAIN23’ / 7,0m100’ / 30,5m270gr / 17,5g
300 GRAIN24’ / 7,3m100’ / 30,5m300gr / 19,4g
330 GRAIN25’ / 7,6m100’ / 30,5m330gr / 21,4g
360 GRAIN25’ / 7,6m100’ / 30,5m360gr / 23,3g
390 GRAIN27’ / 8,2m100’ / 30,5m390gr / 25,2g
420 GRAIN27’ / 8,2m100’ / 30,5m420gr / 27,2g