Cold Water Type When fishing cold water streams and rivers, these lines are the optimal choice. They remain supple, refuse to coil, and outperform lines built for warmer climates.

Medium Water Type Lines featuring this icon are excellent all-around lines for almost any climate. While they may turn limp in tropical conditions, these lines will perform well in moderate and cool climates.

Hot Water Type Fishing in tropical climates requires specialized lines with super-stiff cores and tough coating. Lines with this icon are built to excel in these harsh environments.

Dries Dry flies float on the surface of the water, imitating a hatching insect or one landing to lay eggs. Lines with this designation are designed to handle dry flies with a delicate touch.

Nymphs Nymphs are tied to imitate aquatic insects that live underwater. This icon signifies a line designed to fish weighted nymphs for a variety of species.

Streamers Streamers are sub-surface flies tied to imitate baitfish, leeches, and other sources of food that swim. Casting streamers can be a challenge, so lines marked with this icon provide added power to aid in their delivery.

Poppers / Big Dries Casting large-bodied dry flies and poppers requires additional power in order to provide proper presentation. Lines with this icon are designed to handle larger dries and popper flies without any hiccups.

Indicator An indicator is simply a float or bobber attached to a line that alerts anglers when a sub-surface fly has been taken by a fish. This icon signifies a line that has been designed with a longer rear taper, meant to help casting and mending.