Tyler Befus

Tyler Bufus


I have been fly fishing my entire life of fourteen years and in that time I have been able to fish many types of lines, leaders, and tippet materials. To this day I have yet to find one brand that can best the all around performance of Scientific Anglers. I spent much of my fly fishing life in the southern Rockies so trout fishing was my game. Often it was very stealthy fishing. Whether it was going after the big rainbows and browns in the Gunnison River or fishing little creeks for cutthroat or brook trout the gear that I used would hold up to the test. With the wind that we often get in Colorado it is super important to have a line that can turn over heavy nymph rigs or a big streamer with ease. With the great selection of fly lines that Scientific Anglers offers, my personal favorite being the GPX Sharkskin, you can be sure that there is a line to fit your fishing demands. Now in the Midwest I fish for a variety of species ranging from little bluegill, trout, salmon, steelhead to giant musky and pike. Fishing in so many different situations and needing fly lines that perform, I can’t help but be amazed by the leading edge tapers that Scientific Anglers has. From presentation lines that deliver an emerger with delicate precision to a wary trout all the way to the other side of the spectrum with aggressive power tapers that make throwing a 12 inch musky fly or a wind resistant bass bug seem too easy.

Besides my pleasure fishing I always have other uses for my gear. I do a good deal of casting instruction as well I have been able to see how a great line can make all the difference even for a beginner caster. So, for me whether it is teaching a class, pleasure fishing, or taking part in fishing competitions as a member of the USA Youth Fly Fishing Team, Scientific Anglers has the gear I can trust.

Midland, Michigan