Steve Choate

Choate Bio

What Steve has to say about SA:

I’ve been fly fishing and using Scientific Anglers fly lines for longer than I can remember. I’ve been involved with Scientific Anglers spey line development and testing for close to 15 years and for me is like an 8 year old having the keys to a candy shop! I’ve taught and competed in spey casting events and had the pleasure of fishing anadramous fish all over the world. From my home waters of Oregon’s Deschutes and Washington’s Skagit rivers, to the international two handed destinations of British Columbia, Chile, Argentina, Scotland, Russia, and many places in between.

Each destination presents a different set of spey casting conditions, requiring a different presentation for success. Scientific Anglers has a spey line for each spey casting style to achieve that success. In the beginning my spey casting consisted of struggling with double taper lines and heavy rods. Through years of splicing and an extremely patient Scientific Anglers line development team, we now have spey lines specifically tailored for every type of spey casting style. For traditional style spey casting, the Distance Spey and Spey Evolution lines were developed for fishing “Fine and Far Off” on big open water rivers. For the underhand or Scandinavian style casting, the Scandi Extreme shooting heads in a myriad of grain weights were developed for tighter casting situations still requiring and capable of exceptional distance, tight loops, and great fish-ability. For the Skagit style of spey casting, the Skagit Extreme and Skagit Extreme intermediate were developed for the coldest water conditions requiring attaining maximum depth, fly control and the slowest swing speed.

Fishing in different and varied locations, under extreme water and weather conditions, requires flexibility in your approach and equipment, Scientific Anglers provides you Spey lines for any condition, species or spey casting style you choose. And, sink tips and leaders to allow you to fish at any depth, from floating and skating dry flies, to dredging the bottom with huge intruders! I’ve forgotten keys, extra sets of dry clothes, wading boots, and oars, but not my SA lines!