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Sue Talbot

Sue Talbot    Sue Talbot


My Recent Guide Season

I just finished my season of guiding in Florida and Louisiana and thought I'd give you some feedback on the performance of the lines I used.

Regarding Louisiana:
We experienced record low temperatures in Louisiana this winter. The saltwater in our marina had ice floating in it for a few days. So, I was impressed when the SA line did not get stiff and actually cast very nice. I used the Mastery Redfish Taper Floating (WF-7-F) on my Scott 4 piece 7 wt rods with a Tibor Everglades reel. It was the perfect combination for the Redfish we were catching. The largest caught on my boat was 16 lb Red! The line preformed great, even in the extremely cold air and water temperatures! Most of the clients I had in Louisiana used my gear and as a result also used SA fly line and leaders! The anglers that brought their own rods asked my recommendations for the lines they should have for fishing for Redfish.....I suggested the Mastery Redfish Taper Floating (WF-7-F & WF -8-F)....they took my recommendations and show up with SA lines on their rods. I attached a couple of on me with a nice Red and one of my client with the 16 lb Redfish.

Regarding Florida:
I used the Mastery Tarpon Taper Floating (WF-12-F) on my T&T Horizon series 12 wt I have been for the last few years. It, as in years passed, preformed great! We had a slow start to the Tarpon fishing in the Keys but the last half of May and 1st week in June was amazing!!

I am now back in Idaho and ready to start my season on the South Fork of the Snake. It's great to be back on my home water and in the mountains again!! I'll be sending in an order for lines and leaders by the end of the week.