Cores and Coatings

Scientific Anglers Fly Line Cores and Coatings

The core – the backbone of every Scientific Anglers™ fly line.

Throughout the years, Scientific Anglers has optimized core design and continues to lead the industry. The overall design and construction of fly line cores is a time-intensive, complicated, and costly endeavor. But thanks to our proprietary processes, at Scientific Anglers we're able to achieve the optimal balance of properties for the industry's most-trusted performance.

A core determines the line's tensile strength, stretch, and stiffness Hollow, braided multifilament core Stiffer braided monofilament core
A core determines the line's tensile strength, stretch, and stiffness. Altering one affects the other two. Our hollow, braided multifilament cores are more supple and more suitable for all weather conditions.

Our stiffer braided monofilament core reduces tangling and is ideal for warmer, tropical waters.

The coating – it separates Scientific Anglers™ fly lines from all others.

Our unique experience and advanced processes allow us to make each line with the optimal casting weight needed to load the fly rod and set higher standards in maintenance-free excellence in every area of fly line performance.

  • Permanent slickness unsurpassed in fly fishing.
  • Optimal floatation via proprietary technology.
  • The industry's most dependable sink rates.
  • Superior chemistry equals unmatched durability.
Ultra 4 floating fly lines Microballoons Powdered-tungsten in our sinking-line coatings
Ultra 4 floating fly lines use AST, which won't wear off or wash off. AST is always slick and never needs dressing. 3M Microballoons™ – applied in different amounts in different lines – allow us to control the density of our floating lines. Using powdered-tungsten in our sinking-line coatings allows us to create denser, environmentally safer lines.