Alaska Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing in Alaska

Alaska is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to fly fish in the world.  Before your long-awaited adventure of Alaska fly fishing begins, check out the links below.


1) Bring the right gear!  Some of the more common species of fish to catch while fly fishing in Alaska are:

2) Find Alaska Fly Fishing Dealers who feature Scientific Anglers at our Dealer Locator page.


Alaska Fly Fishing Links

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Learn about Alaska Fish and Wildlife News or arrange for your Fishing License/Permit/Stamps in advance.


Alaska Department of Fish and Game Fly Fishing Mentorship Program


Alaska Department of Fish and Game Fish Count

Fish counts are available on this page for the following locations:

            Afognak River (Litnik)
            Alagnak River
            Anchor River
            Auke Creek
            Ayakulik River
            Bear River
            Buskin River                      
            Chena River
            Chignik River
            Coghill River                     
            Copper River (Miles L)            
            Cottonwood Creek
            Crescent River
            Crooked Creek
            Deep Creek                        
            Dog Salmon River
            Egegik River
            Eshamy Creek
            Fish Creek                        
            Gulkana River
            Igushik River
            Ilnik River
            Karluk River
            Kasilof River (sockeye)
            Kenai River (king salmon)
            Kenai River (late-run sockeye)
            Kvichak River
            Little Susitna                    
            Naknek River
            Nelson River (Sapsuk)
            Ninilchik River                   
            Nushagak River
            Nuyakuk River
            Olga Creek (Upper Station)
            Orzinski Lake
            Pauls Bay River
            Russian River
            Salcha River
            Saltry River
            Sandy River
            Situk River
            Togiak River
            Ugashik River
            Wasilla Creek
            Willow Creek                      
            Wood River
            Yentna River
            Yukon River (Anvik River)
            Yukon River (Eagle)       
            Yukon River (Pilot Station)


Alaska Department of Fish and Game Fishing Reports by Management Area

Fishing reports are available at this page for the following management areas:

             Southeast Alaska







             Prince of Wales Island

             Southwest Alaska


             Resurrection Bay

             Bristol Bay Area

             Homer/Lower Kenai

             Palmer/Mat-Su Valley

             Kenai River/Upper Kenai

             Kodiak/Alaska Peninsula

             Prince William Sound

             Interior Alaska

             Tanana Drainage

             Upper Copper/Upper Susitna