Mike Verhoef

Mike Verhoef

37213 Hills Rd
Goderich, Ontario N7A 3Y1
Favorite SA Line: Magnum WF8

Mike Verfoef



     Mike Verhoef was born and raised along the banks of the Bayfield River which is in the heart of Huron County located along Ontario's west coast and now resides near the hamlet of Benmiller located right on the Maitland River. Having chased anything that swims from a very young age Mike has over 35yrs of knowledge of what the area has to offer. With that knowledge and his passion for pursueing fish with a fly Mike started his own guiding and instructing business in 2004 called FlyFitters.His featured rivers are the Bayfiled, Maitland and Saugeen where he and his clients pursue, steelhead, trout,smallmouth bass, carp, muskie and northern pike!  

Fishing Experience

     Fishing since he could figure out how to put a worm on a hook, didn't like killing them so started tying flies at a very young age. Single hand fly rod'in for over 25 yrs and "swing'in" with a two hander since 2004! Spent five yrs tromp'in the eastern slopes of the Rockies in Alberta……and still has reacuring dreams(nightmares) of 20 inch Cutties tak'in dry flies in gin clear mountain streams and huge browns charging at his streamers while drifting the Bow. Last 6 yrs guiding and spends over 100 days a yr on the water. Usually found swinging his own tied tube flies for steelhead or chasing world class smallmouths with poppers.His recent "addiction" is chasing river muskie on huge streamers!!