Chris Daughters

Chris Daughters

168 West 6th Ave
Eugene Oregon 97401
Favorite SA Line: GPX Sharkskin



     At age 10 I began hanging out at the fly shop I would eventually purchase in 1996. Around the same time my father discovered you could'nt cast while you were rowing the boat, I have been behing the oars ever since. At age 15 I was getting paid to be on the river, what a deal! Could there be a better office?  I have been fortunate enough to grow up Fly Fishing the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers near my hometown.  I have been guiding and exploring  Oregon's rivers and lakes   ever since. For good or bad life has been tremendously focused upon fly fishing, guiding and my retail fly shop.

Fishing Experience

     Earliest memories of life are baitfishing in the snow at Diamond Lake. Grandfather and father fished and took me fishing  from age 5 on. Fly Fishing became an integral part of life at age 10. Finding new water has been the focus ever since. I have only had one job in my life, guiding fly fishing trips and working at my retail strore. The goal and reason for working is to find new waters, locations and fishing experiences.