Jeff Hickman

Jeff Hickman


I guide my home waters of Oregon for steelhead more than 250 days a year, everyday while on the water I am also instructing two-handed rod casting. Spending this many days on the water with clients it is absolutely necessary to put the right lines in their hands, improve their skills and ideally put fish on the beach. Results for my customers equals happy customers, happy customers equal long lasting fishing friendships. The conditions on my home water are challenging, so I never head out on the water without my SA Spey lines.

There is no doubt that when Spey fishing, the line you use is the most crucial piece of equipment. The fish I target will settle for nothing less than a perfect presentation, and the SA series of Spey lines are the best I have seen to do just that. They are a perfect blend of function and form. They are easy for beginners to cast, but can also tighten the loop and increase distance of a long time spey veteran. Whether casting a six-inch long weighted leech on a heavy sink tip or a skating a small fly on a dry line, these lines can do it with ease. In addition to the great spey lines I am also a big fan of SA’s Freshwater and Fluorocarbon tippets. They are invisible to spooky fish in low water and have the stiffness to turn over big flies with ease. I can trust their quality and strength to hold through long blistering runs, cartwheels and giant head-shakes. SA products consistently bring more fish to hand for me than anything else and that says a lot!


Jeff Hickman has established himself as one of the most sought after steelhead guides in the Pacific Northwest. Raised in the Cascades east of Portland, Oregon, Jeff has packed more river time into his first 30 years, than most people do in 4 lifetimes! At a very young age he was able to explore the Mt. Hood wilderness right out his back door in search of trout, salmon and steelhead. Lessons learned on his home water translated to a deep understanding of the habits of anadromous fish. Jeff feels he can never stop learning about fishing, fish behavior and their environment. With his laid back style of teaching and no nonsense approach to guiding and fishing, you can be certain a day on the water with Jeff will never be forgotten. He is incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about the sport. It is apparent in a day spent on the water with him that he has devoted his life to improving the sport and conserving the resource. We are more than fortunate to have him on our staff providing feedback from the water and helping advance new products.