Jeff Currier

Jeff Currier


I have been fly fishing for over 40 years. What I’ve enjoyed as much as the years fishing, is having played a major role in the evolution of better fly rods, reels, lines, tippet material and flies. Equipment has dramatically improved and as a result we all catch more fish as well as more kinds of fish in all types of environments. One of the leaders in this progression has been Scientific Anglers. There are many great fly lines out there, but due to their innovation, my confidence is in Scientific Anglers.

They make fly lines, leader add tippet for all my specific needs. Most of the time you can find me on my home waters stalking huge rainbows on the Henry’s Fork or chasing grayling in the Yellowstone backcountry. Best of all, I often have the good fortune of being deep in the most far-flung corners of the planet. Typically I’m chasing some rare, exotic and difficult to catch fish species that have never been caught on the fly. Getting to these fish can take days of grueling travel and requires suffering through some extremely grim living conditions. During my many travels, I have even survived a few life threatening episodes! Once I reach where the fish live, I need every advantage possible to catch them. To do this, my equipment absolutely can not fail! This is why I always trust the products of Scientific Anglers.

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Who better to have on a pro team than Jeff Currier. The man has caught more species on a fly rod than anyone we know, in some of the most remote locations of the world. Is it jealousy? Maybe… but one thing is for certain, if you need to test new products in some of the most extreme conditions on earth, Jeff Currier is the guy. From the tropics of the Amazon, to the never before floated rivers of Mongolia, we know that our products are tested where most fly fishing products never venture. This allows us to push the edge with our innovative fly lines, leaders and tippet. Aside from being a well rounded angler, his fishing stories rival Grimm fairytales (we like the one about using fly line to hold is headlights in place) and his art is absolutely gorgeous. We are proud to have a class act like Jeff on our team.