Grand Slam Taper Line is a "Home Run"!

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I wanted to tell you about the new “SA Grand Slam” fly line I have been using the last few weeks. I was interested in trying the line out. I always like to stay up with the new products that become available in my industry. However, I am not always as impressed, as I was with this new fly line. I have been fly fishing for almost 20 years. In that time I have used many different generations of salt water lines. All claim to be the newest best item ever created. In many cases there have been improvements with one aspect of the line or the other.

Using the new “Grand Slam” line I was not disappointed with the performance promised. The first time I fished the new line, I was shocked at how well this line turned over the fly and leader. This is a constant problem with the large and heavy flies we use in Charleston for redfish. It is dramatic improvement over the “Bonefish” and “Redfish” lines. I also liked the ability to make quick short shots and the long back taper allows making long cast as well. For years we have had to set up rods to do one or the other depending on which line we put on the fly rod. The true test came in the last week or so when I have allowed clients to cast the rod with the “Grand Slam” line on it. I have had some of my best casting clients as well as beginners cast the line. In both cases, the clients casting improved some. This is no small task. Very often when I get an improvement for one person it’s some sort of disadvantage for another. So far I haven’t found that to be the case with this one. In closing I just want to say that Scientific Anglers  hit a “Home Run” with this line and I am very excited to outfit more of my rods with this new line and recommend it to my customers. Thanks for making my job of getting clients a fish on a fly rod easier.

Capt. Mark Phelps

Shore Thang Charters Inc.


Chard Taper


Grand Slam Box

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