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The Dragontail Shooting Line from Scientific Anglers was originally designed for Spey casting applications. The line is made up of 105 feet of level 0.038 inch floating line that ends in an additional 15 foot section that tapers to 0.075 inch and weighs around 100 grains. With a loop at the end, different heads can be quickly and easily changed depending on the need.

The tapered section serves as a built-in “cheater” allowing anglers and casters to add both additional length and weight as needed to fine-tune the head to a specific rod. Once this spot is found the angler/caster just needs to note the additional overhang past the rod tip and repeat each time the rod is cast. The Dragontail provides ease of use and maximum versatility when when multiple rods are used and heads frequently changed.

The Dragontail Line is also a versatile single-hand, sinking-head system for both river and lake use. I use both standard shooting heads and SA's Custom Express Tips for single-hand fishing, too. These can be changed as needed to adapt to different rod weights or sink-rates as desired The Custom Express tips can be also be cut as needed for single-hand, overhead casting. The tapered portion of the Dragontail reduces hinging and gives more control when working the head out. It also allows a sinking-head to be rolled up to the surface easier for pick-up and recasting.

Bottom line- the SA’s Dragontail Shooting Line gives maximum versatility for both overhead and Spey casting and fishing applications.


The front portion of this Dragontail Shooting Line has been dyed to increase visibility/contrast. The tapered potion is 15 feet in length and weighs approximately 100 grains. It loops easily on to any type of head.


In Spey casting applications the Dragontail is used to increase both weight and length of the head being cast. It allows rods to be easily fine-tuned without having to loop on additional sections called cheaters.

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