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All of us at Scientific Anglers and Ross are pleased to announce that we are Official Sponsors of the Fly Fishing Film Tour (The F3T) for 2013!! Like in years past we've always been a part of the action, and this year is no different. What else do you do in the middle of winter? For most of us it's the time of year many of us get into trouble with the Mrs. /Mr. for spending way too much money on fly tying materials. Why? Because we you still haven't come up with the secret pattern to fool that Brown Trout your Father in Law nicknamed "Hawg Johnson"! Yes, a few of us out West and through the Mid - Atlantic have some tailwaters where we wet a line... and our saltwater friends down south... well you don't count! For a mere $15 you can enjoy some of the hottest fly fishing action to hit the big screen!

Why attend?? Ross and Scientific Anglers Pro Staffer J.P. Lipton from roughfisher.com has 5 reasons you shouldn't miss this year's Fly Fishing Film Tour! Don't forget to follow The F3T on Facebook!



Carp master - JP LIPTON

  1. An evening packed with fly fishing footage captured in near every corner of the planet chasing foreign as well as familiar species of fish is always a great time, and a great way to get excited for the upcoming season. It is always interesting to see how the action is captured from the different perspectives of the cameraman and director. 
  2. The F3T is a great place to catch up with friends, reconnect with old acquaintances, and meet some new folks, possibly even future fishing buddies. 
  3. Your ticket will get you access to great SWAG and killer prizes from the tour sponsors during the show, as well as sweet discounts at participating fly shops across the country.
  4. The F3T road crew are an eclectic group of passionate, die hard anglers. These guys are true road warriors and have fished across many borders. Their fishing adventures are unforgettable and their exploits from the road are even more legendary. If you get the opportunity, don’t pass up the chance to shoot the breeze with one of these colorful characters. 
  5. Unless you’re fortunate to live in a warm climate with access to year-round fishing, or have got a hot tropical trip lined up for the winter, is there really anymore reason to leave the snowy, icy grip of winter behind for the evening and talk fishing?
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