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There’s no more intimidating place on earth to an angler than the jungle. The heat and humidity can be unbearable. The thought of biting insects and the fear of rare viruses scare us to death. But if you prepare for all these nuances, once there you have the chance to catch an incredible game fish in the world’s most unspoiled wilderness.

Personally, I love fly fishing the jungle more than anywhere on the planet. I’m fascinated how the Amazon has more species of fish than the entire Atlantic Ocean. I’m amazed at the strength of South America’s golden dorado and the salmon-rivaling jumps of tigerfish in Africa. The jungle brings me the same enthusiasm I had 40 years ago when nearly every fishing day provided something new.

Before heading for the jungle be sure to visit a travel doctor. Many destinations put you in danger of Malaria, Yellow Fever or other threatening diseases. While these sound scary, a travel doctor can fix you up with needed shots and medications that will protect you so you can enjoy your trip. My friends often joke that I must be like the bionic man because of all the places I’ve been. And perhaps they’re right, while I’ve certainly had my bouts of stomach issues, all the real bad sicknesses have left me alone.

There are a few items I don’t leave home without either. First of all there’s raingear. Just because it’s hot in the jungle doesn’t mean you can’t get cold if you’re soaked. I bring rain tops and bottoms. And don’t over pack on clothes. Clean clothes become sticky in minutes from the humidity. Finally, you must absolutely have a good supply of sunscreen and insect repellant. Follow these up with the recommended fishing gear and you’ll have a fun and safe fishing trip that will provide you wonderful fishing memories the rest of your life!

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