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With the fall fishing season getting started it presents a wonderful opportunity to target the biggest fish in the river. This due to many species feeding heavily before winter. Many anglers in the Rocky Mountain region are lucky enough to have some wild trophy brown fishing, that is just turning on now. Perhaps the most fun way to target large aggressive browns is by throwing large 3-5 inch streamers all day long. Needless to say casting that much weight repeatedly can be taxing on the arm. Enter the Scientific Anglers Mastery Textured Titan Taper Fly Line. With a heavily weight forward head, it ensures that large articulated streamers pop out the water with ease and turn over effortlessly, regardless of distance. Off the boat I can drop flies into small buckets 12 feet away or bomb 80 foot casts and swing my flies out. With a tiny running line and SA's textured dimpling there is not a lot of false casting to do. Simply give a big double haul and let it shoot! It also means there is less of a chance of a large lead eyed fly knocking you in the back of the head.

Whether you chase big Browns, Smallmouth, Northern Pike, Muskies, Steelhead, or Bull Trout, the SA Titan taper is designed to help you deliver large flies to specific targets with ease. This fly line is really a game changer for anglers that love to swim flies into trophy fish lairs. Get you hands on this line and match the line weight to meet the needs of your predatory species. I can guarantee you that fishing big flies on this line is the ticket to increasing the size of your trophies this fall!

Titan Taper

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