Brian OKeefe

Brian Okeefe


After around a dozen years as the Scientific Anglers sales rep for the Northwest and Alaska, I now enjoy a casual position with old friends and colleagues who have a passion for fly fishing and casting. Being part of the early days of the Mastery Series and watching the development and evolution of products like today’s specie and technique specific lines, waterproof fly boxes and new leaders and tippet has been a great experience.

I fish a variety of places and species. I really like my home waters where I fish trout, steelhead and bass, but I also have the opportunity to travel quite a bit to places like Alaska, South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, etc. Whether I am on the Deschutes River or Metolius River, here in Central Oregon, or on the flats in the Yucatan, I take my tried and true SA lines. I am a big fan of the Steelhead Taper, Streamer Express, GPX and others. On almost every trip, I take a new line of prototype. Like SA, I am always trying new things in new places for either a casting or fishing advantage.