Throughout our 60 year history, Scientific Anglers has consistently set the standard in premier fly-fishing

From inventing the contemporary floating fly line more than 50 years ago to our specialty core construction and patented AST and Sharkskin technologies we continue to transform and modernize the sport.

Our angling scientists and design team work in partnership with fly-fishing legends to develop cutting-edge technologies and ultimate fly line designs to boost your fly-fishing experience to the extreme.

Whether you are just beginning or an experienced angler our equipment is designed to give you optimum performance with every cast.

As you look through our incomparable list of innovations, you realize that Scientific Anglers™ doesn't represent only the history of fly fishing, but also its future. No other company has been responsible for so many great products that simplify the sport and help boost productivity.


Friends and anglers Leon Martuch (pictured), Clare Harris, and Paul Rottiers found Scientific Anglers™ in Midland, Michigan.

Leon Martuch


3M Microballoons™
Microballoonsare introduced in the new Air Cel™ Supreme lines and go on to revolutionize the way fly lines float.

The first shooting lines hit the market under the Air Cel™ label.

Scientific Anglers™ introduces the firstSystem 2L reel balanced rod, reel, and line system, which also marks the introduction of System™ reels that go on to become among the most popular reels in fly fishing history.

The Mastery Learning System is introduced, Mastery Seriesleading four years later to Mastery Series fly lines and dealerships, where the very best fly line products and expertise are available.

Scientific Anglers™ introduces silicone as a slickness agent in fly lines, a technology that is soon copied throughout the industry and is still used today. More than a decade later, Scientific Anglers™ establishes a new level of slickness with the introduction of AST – Advanced Shooting Technology.
Monocore™ – the first durable clear sinking fly lines – are introduced.
System X Waterproof Nymph/Dry Fly Box
System™ X fly boxes hit the market and wow anglers with their innovative waterproof, see-through design.

Under the banner Scientific Anglers™, Martuch and company develop the first modern plastic-coated tapered fly line, which replaces the day's silk lines which offered limited flotation and required extensive drying after only a few hours use.
Air Cel floating fly line
Scientific Anglers™ introduces Air Cel™ – widely considered the first modern floating fly lines.
Wet Cel sinking fly line
Scientific Anglers™ introduces Wet Cel™, the first modern sinking fly lines.

Scientific Anglers™ introducesBass Bug floating fly line revolutionary Bass Bug and Saltwater tapers with unique profiles that improve castability and performance characteristics with larger flies.
Powdered tungsten
Scientific Anglers pioneers the use of powdered tungsten in its sinking fly lines, which produces lines that sink faster than lead-based lines and are safer for the environment.

AST – Advanced Shooting TechnologyAST – is introduced and begins a new 'slickness craze' in fly line manufacturing. Patented AST continues to set the standard for fly line slickness and durability.
XTS Backing
XTS gel-spun backing is introduced and provides up to 75 percent more reel capacity than standard material and is stronger than steel in equal diameters.